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"To take the business to the next level, we needed a team that was innovative, dynamic, driven and that could be our external point of reference to oversee our business. More importantly we needed a team to act as a sounding board for the finer management decisions we needed to implement and review on a daily basis. Since engaging with Richard, we have a more accurate and in-depth understanding of our business’ financial position and the team at Coumans has been amazing in making us feel confident about the decisions we are making. The addition of Richard to our management team as an external individual enables us to look at decision making and strategy in a whole new light. We have big goals and ambitions to take our company into the future and the addition of Coumans to the management team of our business has sure seen these goals rapidly become a reality! It’s amazing how the small things can make the biggest difference."

Jacob Burke

"Lifting Victoria engaged Coumans almost 2 years ago and the results and improvements have been dramatic on a number of levels. In our first full financial year working with Richard, we achieved a 40% uplift in sales revenue with a corresponding improvement in profitability. We now have a clear business model and direction, continuous improvement to our operations, a vastly improved team in terms of balance, productivity and morale, a more focused and effective sales team, governance structures in place and objectives to work towards within our strategic plan. The numbers are just a part of the improvement, the business now just runs more efficiently with far less stress. "

Richard Johnson

"Sonic Lighting Pty Ltd was a company on the cusp of growth but was stilted by a need for an advisory firm that could not only work with us but could understand the direction we wanted to take. We discovered Coumans via a friend whom is a client of Coumans and have worked closely with Richard ever since. Getting an ‘outsiders’ input on our business, via a 12 month business coaching program, was a catalyst for Sonic Lighting to achieve significant growth and get our HR on track. With periodic training sessions, competent advice and continual company reviews we are reassured our partnership will facilitate the confidence we require going forward."

Gavan Divola

"It's always hard to measure an intangible asset. But a valuable asset is exactly what Coumans is to our business. At the end of the day you have to ask yourself the question, do I feel more confident about my business now that I have Coumans on my side? At Geelong Brush Co. we are saying yes. Why? Well it just seems that making business decisions is easier when you have independent advice and opinion to guide you. Richard and his team are always ready and available to help, no matter what the issue or the time of day. "

Ross Durran

About Me

Hi, I'm Richard Coumans and I specialise in doubling the revenues and drastically improving the profitability of privately owned businesses with revenues in the range of $3m to $15m.

My skill set gives me an unique understanding of how the numbers link to the business strategy and the practical experience to develop and implement strategy to maximize those numbers.

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